Technical Support

As the MAM technology advances and the range of available materials increases, it is expected that we will soon see a large market of 3D printed parts, 3D printing manufacturing and specialized 3D software. Our approach is to integrate metallurgical knowledge in powder development, a high understanding on cost-effective tool design DfAM, and a vast additive manufacturing network.

“The key differentiating aspect of our company is a vision procedure, integrated in the whole 3D printing tooling process, making it intelligent”.

The precise metallurgical and mechanical properties of metal AM parts vary vastly from system manufacturer and machine to system manufacturer and machine, and material to material. In addition, there are, literally, hundreds of factors that have an impact on the mechanical properties of MAM parts, from powder manufacturing (sphericity, morphology, distribution, density, etc.), DfAM, print technologies and post processes such as heat treatment, sintering, EDM, milling, surface treatments, coatings, etc. It is not easy to control all this concepts and understand the metallurgical process behind it. Gau3di is the solution to a cost-efficient implementation of MAM on the tooling and mould manufacturing making it faster, cheaper and more performant.

Our vast experience in the tooling world has generated a large know-how in the most efficient usage of metal additive manufacturing for different applications according to the specific objectives of our customers.

1. Advise in the selection of die, mould and tool materials.
2. Tool re-design in accordance with the application requirements (topology optimization, generative design, assembly, conformal cooling, etc.).
3. Support in simulation analysis, thermo-mechanical and aesthetic (flow lines, welding lines, embrittlement, etc.) analysis of the parts to offer optimal solutions.
4. Hybrid manufacturing.
5. Post process and finishing.
6. Economical and feasibility studies to increase productivity.
7. Global network.
8. Circular economy: advise in waste management and reusability.

We help engineers create completely redesigned parts with their functional requirements built right in. You can access our technical support service directly by contacting us.