Worldwide network

Over the next few decades, the mechanical and metallurgical properties of metallic parts built with additive manufacturing machines will become common knowledge, and more companies will be comfortable with 3D printing components. Our team of metallurgist formed by metallic engineers and industrial designers have realized that and that it is why we are using unique material chemistries and geometries to give competitive advantage and protect know-how from our customers. We are improving the health of our planet by producing locally through a wide and spread network of Metal 3D Hubs with a truly low carbon emission print compared to conventional manufacturing.

“Gau3di print customers purchases on the fly and deliver them instantly”

Additive manufacturing enables a new supply chain focus on low volumes, lower inventory, and quick profits. This allows the manufacturing hub to be located anywhere in the world due to most elements being global commodities and influenced very little by labor expenses. The business case for this idea is that printing the component near the user will save money by removing the necessity to import the part and/or store them in a warehouse.